Grace & Peace to all. Kali Dynami as we end the 2nd week of the Great Fast going
into the 3rd.
Tomorrow we remember St Gregory Palamas. The Gospel lesson is about Christ healing the Paralytic. If nothing else, it conveys the fact that if we really want to come close to Christ and receive His healing and blessing, we will overcome all obstacles, even if it means climbing to the housetop and coming through the roof.
The pews are now back in place and all but the finishing touches are completed with the tile installation. It looks beautiful. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project, especially Veronica Gatrousis and Kimon Dafoulas. Thank you to the crew that removed the pews and rug, then put them back. Thank you also to the ladies who came in today to clean up. A final thank you and kudos to Maria who shepherded the project. Now to the Rectory!!!!!!!!
While we’re thanking everyone, want to thank
the chanters, Fr Charles, and everyone who has been
attending the daily services.  The salutations last evening
were very nice.
Hope to see you all tomorrow. Have a Blessed Sunday.

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