Tomorrow the 1st Sunday of Lent - we celebrate the Triumph of Orthodoxy.  The victory of the iconodules over the iconoclasts resulting in the restoration of icons in the Church.  Don't forget to bring your icons to church for the procession and proclamation.
PLEASE ALSO DON'T FORGET TO SET YOUR CLOCKS AN HOUR AHEAD TONIGHT. Also we'll be doing the St Basil liturgies during Lent, we start 15 min. earlier.

ALSO - tomorrow evening a combined Vespers service at the Holy New Martyrs Church on Canterbury Turnpike at 4 pm to celebrate the Triumph of Orthodox. +fr paul will be the guest homolist.

There are services every evening.Check the bulletin.  Also there is in the insert a revised March calendar and a flyer announcing a Friendship Dinner on Mar 26 following the Liturgy of Presanctified Gifts.

Youth:  grades 7 - 12. We hope you're all getting ready for the Oratorical Festival, March 30.

Hope to see you all tomorrow. Have a Blessed Sunday
Kali Dynami!    +fr

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